Examples of Shared Responsibilities

Initial Steps

  • Student establishes accommodations with an AEC advisor.
  • Student provides their notification letter to the instructor (see Notification Letter). This will be emailed and may also be provided in hard copy by the student.

Testing Accommodations

  • Student meets with instructor early in the term to discuss testing accommodations.
  • Many instructors are able to provide testing accommodations by proctoring exams in a nearby office or meeting room. If the instructor can provide testing accommodations, AEC does not need to be informed.
  • If instructors are unable to make alternative exam arrangements, students may schedule exams with AEC using our online portal, AEC Connect. Students are expected to meet applicable deadlines (see Testing Accommodations).
  • In order for AEC to proctor the student's exams, the instructor is required to fill out a testing agreement (by following a link in the emailed notification letter), which specifies the parameters by which AEC will proctor the student’s exams.
  • The AEC, in collaboration with the Testing Center, will reserve an exam location and schedule a proctor, reader, or scribe, and secure any needed equipment.
  • Students are expected to schedule exams at the same time as their class. However, flexibility is often needed due to class conflicts and/or AEC hours of operation. During weeks 1-10, AEC proctors exams between 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. During Monday through Thursday of finals week, AEC proctors exams from 8am-8pm (and 8am-5pm on Friday).

Notetaking Accommodations

  • Student meets with instructor early in the term to discuss notetaking accommodations. Student and instructor should communicate about how their particular notetaking accommodations can most effectively be facilitated.
  • Instructor responsibilities vary depending on the type of notetaking accommodation.
  • If specified in the student's notification letter, instructors are required to:
    • Provide copies of notes/slides
    • Allow recording of lectures
    • Assist in securing a volunteer notetaker from the class
    • Allow a computer based notetaker or transcriptionist to attend the class
  • Students are required to follow all stated notetaking guidelines, including not sharing recordings or copies of notes/slides, and attending all classes in which notetaking services are provided.