Group Opportunities

Group Opportunities

In addition to working individually with students, the AEC offers psycho-educational groups during the academic year which provide students with support, opportunities to connect with and learn from one another, as well as additional tools and resources.

Email or call 541-346-1155 for more information.


ADHD Group: Using Insights from Neuroscience to Unlock Your Potential 

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Hang out with creative, funny, intelligent peers while learning strategies that fit your brain-style and make your academic and personal life easier.  In this group you will:

  • Discover your ADHD-related strengths
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Learn ADHD-specific time & task management strategies
  • Develop ADHD-specific study skills
  • Explore connections between exercise, nutrition, and the ADHD brain
  • Conquer perfectionism
  • Come laugh and learn with like-minded peers!


  • Weekly meetings starting week two of each term
  • Location to be determined
  • Open to AEC registered students
  • Contact Kelsey Kuperman for group details


Mind-Wellness Meditation: An approachable way to explore meditation techniques for improved stress resiliency

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In recent years, the positive effects of meditation have garnered increasing validation from the scientific community. Research has shown that the practice of mindfulness meditation has the potential to improve focus, attention and working memory, as well as enhance contentment, while decreasing anxiety and fear. Studies show that just a few minutes of practice a day can create dramatically increased activation in the parts of the brain associated with happiness and well being.

In this group, you will learn a variety of mindfulness meditation techniques, and their impact on respective areas of the brain. Special attention will be paid to the topics of test anxiety, stress management, and increasing concentration. Learn about the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation.


Social Connectedness: Improve social skills, connect with other students, and find community on campus

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The Social Connectedness group is an educational/social support group offered through the Accessible Education Center for students who are interested in improving social skills, connecting with other students, and finding community on campus. This group was initially created for students who identify as being on the Autism Spectrum, but has been beneficial to other AEC registered students as well. 


  • Weekly meetings starting week two through week ten of each term
  • Location to be determined
  • Open to AEC registered students
  • Contact the AEC Graduate Employees for group details