Alt-Text Services at University of Oregon

Alt-text, also known as text-to-speech, is the process of converting printed material into electronic computer readable content. This is an accommodation for people with cognitive reading issues or with low-vision or blindness. In order to use this service students must meet with an AEC Access Advisor to determine if alt-text is an appropriate accommodation.

How to get a readable alt-text:

  • Bring your book to the alt-text staff at the Adaptive Technology Lab. Depending on the resources available, we will either provide you with publisher provided files or we will cut and scan your book.
    • Please note that books that are cut and scanned cannot be returned to the bookstore.
    • All books should be new as books that are marked-up will not scan properly.
    • Class PDFs on canvas can be emailed to alt-text for conversion.
    • Efforts are made to get the etext to the student as quickly as possible. This is affected by the source for the files and the current workload. Students should check with staff regarding estimated delivery time when turning in books.

Students with cognitive reading issues work directly with alt-text staff who can convert required textbooks and readings to readable PDFs. Students can bring their Windows or Mac laptops to the alt-text staff to have necessary software installed.      

The accommodations for physical vision issues tend to be specific to each individual. An access to text plan is worked out with the AEC advisor, faculty and Alt-text Coordinator.

Alt-Format Services

Location: 138 Knight Library is near the southeast corner of the reference area. The area is identified as the "Adaptive Technology Lab" on the first floor map of the Library's "Find It Fast" brochure.


Drop in hours: these vary from term to term and are posted online.