UO Groups

AccessAbility Student Union (AASU) 

Office: EMU Room 109C (inside the Multicultural Center) 
Email: aability@uoregon.edu 
Instagram: @uoaasu 

AccessAbility Student Union is a cross-disability student group. We are disabled students, students with disabilities, and nondisabled allies who believe that disability can be a valued and celebrated part of identity and community. Our mission is: 

(1) to raise awareness on campus about disabilities, disability culture, and disability justice, 
(2) to advocate for equal access in physical, academic, and social environments, and  
(3) to have fun and support one another.  

Our activities include holding regular hybrid-style meetings (attendance is never mandatory) to plan and socialize; organizing disability awareness events that involve films, panels, or cultural activities; and inviting locally and nationally recognized speakers with disabilities to UO to share their experiences. We would love to have you join us!  

Join through our Engage page (click the blue “Join” button in the top right) and email us with any questions. 


Neurodiversity Alliance

The Neurodiversity Alliance at UO is a space where neurodivergent students can connect with each other, work together to advocate for the success of neurodivergent students at UO, and mentor each other through getting connected with resources, accomplishing our academic and career goals, and brainstorming ideas that can help make college easier for diverse minds. This is a great opportunity to get some leadership experience on your resumé, as we are extremely accommodating and are looking for help at all levels, from event planning to social media management to simply being willing to provide mentoring and advice to newer students.

If you are a neurodivergent student (no formal diagnosis necessary) interested in participating in leadership or mentoring in the Neurodiversity Alliance, email Leah Blankenship at lmcdowel@uoregon.edu. If you’re interested in learning more about the organization or just become a member, check out our Engage page or join our Discord!

Email: lmcdowel@uoregon.edu


Student Organization for Autism Advocacy (SOFAA) 

Email: adrielle@uoregon.edu 

We are a group of autistic UO students advocating for autistic equity and visibility in the issues that affect us. We seek to educate the UO community about the inherent value of autistic voices, the necessity of our presence, and the way we experience the world. SOFAA provides a space for autistic university students to self-advocate for their needs, with the support of a larger community. Our values are derived from the disability rights movement; therefore intersectionality is at the heart of our advocacy, and we are guided by the motto “nothing about us without us". 

We are a newly created organization seeking ASUO recognition this coming year, 2023-2024. If you'd like to join us, please email Adrian at adrielle@uoregon.edu


Synapse Club

Website: Synapse Club Website
Instagram: @UOsynapse
Email: Synapse@uoregon.edu

We are a student organization with the goal of providing support to students and community members that are suffering from the effects of brain injuries. This is primarily accomplished through a peer support group that meets biweekly. 


Nontraditional Student Union (NSU) 

Office: EMU 212 
Email: nontrad@uoregon.edu
Website: https://dos.uoregon.edu/nontrad

Who qualifies as a nontraditional student? Most likely, it's you! Nontrad students can be transfer students, parents, veterans, those over the age of 24, and so much more! The NSU caters to a multitude of different students with different situations, and we're more than happy to help. What does the NSU do? The University of Oregon is a big place. The NSU wants you to be acknowledged, not lost. We are dedicated to providing resources and assisting students. We aim to support you in successfully achieving your goals at the University of Oregon. Our resources include a resource board, study space, computer lab with free printing, conversation, and school supplies. Our goal is to continually evolve to accommodate the needs of nontrad students. Come to the NSU to relax, study, eat, connect with and support others. Our office hours are posted each week to our office door as well as virtually on our Teams channel.

To become a member of the Nontraditional Student Union, a student run organization, look for us and join us on Engage, or contact us to subscribe to our email list. A great way to get involved and meet other nontraditional students is to attend our meetings and events held throughout the year, or stop by the office in EMU 212 (office hours listed on Engage). 


Student Veterans Center 

Office: EMU 015 
Email: uovetscenter@uoregon.edu 
Website: https://dos.uoregon.edu/student-veterans-center

The Student Veterans Center, located in the Erb Memorial Union, recognizes the unique needs of student veterans, dependents, and family members. We provide a variety of services and resources for you, including study and meeting space, computer and printing stations, staff to assist you with personal and academic needs, and community veteran service providers. 

The center is a space for you to connect with other students and be a part of a community. We strive to create an environment that helps you attain your academic goals and be involved on our campus. 

The Student Veterans Center is located in EMU 015 and is open Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. during the academic year. Hours may vary on during breaks and holidays. 


UO Outdoor Program

Office: EMU 008
Email: opwww@uoregon.edu
Website: https://outdoorprogram.uoregon.edu/

The UO Outdoor Program is happy to support students with disabilities in exploring the outdoors. Contact Sam Stroich at sstroich@uoregon.edu for more information. As a student, you already have a membership with your UO Outdoor Program (OP)! There are plenty of ways you can get involved with the OP this year. You can find out about upcoming outings on Instagram, the newsletter, or the UO Events Calendar.  

OP Outings: OP staff lead low-cost guided trips around Eugene. Trips are a great way to meet new people and get to know the area!  OP partners with the Hilyard Community Center to provide Adaptive Cycling Equipment for any outings and events, and with the Access Ability Student Union (AASU) for adaptive trips in line with our goal of “Redefining Outdoorsy”: becoming a more inclusive program to marginalized groups on campus, as well as providing scholarship opportunities to students who may have physical or financial barriers to participation.

Common Adventure Trips: students can attend a "Trip Initiator Clinic" and lead their own outings with the OP!

EMU Bike Program (EMU 008): OP bike mechanics will help you fix your bike or wheelchair for free! You also have access to our tools, how-to manuals, and wilderness guidebook library. If you want to rent a bike, fix your own, or learn about more biking resources, this is the place for you!  

Rental Barn (1225 E. 18th Ave.): Rent low-cost adventure gear for your next trip! We have gear for kayaking, snowsports, backpacking, camping, and more!