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Instructions for using AEC Connect:

Sending Notification Letters

Submitting Exam Requests

Deadlines for Exam Requests

Modify or Cancel Exam Requests

Using the Instructor Portal

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Trouble logging in? Go to to manage your Duck ID or reset your password. If you still cannot log in, contact AEC.

Instructions For Students:

Sending Notification Letters:

A notification letter is the official communication to faculty that outlines the appropriate accommodations that have been established for an individual student. Notification letters must be sent in order for students to utilize their accommodations. Therefore, students are encouraged to send notification letters during the first week of the term.

  1. Log in to AEC Connect​​​​​​
  2. Scroll down to the box titled “Step 1: Select Classes”
  3. Check the box next to each class you’d like to use accommodations in and click “Step 2 – Continue to Customize Your Accommodations”
  4. Select the accommodations you’d like to use for each class and click “Submit Your Accommodation Requests”.*
  5. Make sure that “[Requested]” appears before each of your classes under “Step 1: Select Classes”
  6. Once AEC has processed the requests (within 1-2 business days), the notification letters will be emailed to you and the appropriate instructors.

*Please note: testing accommodations are grouped under the category titled "Alternative Testing". To view your established accommodations, log in to AEC Connect and click "My Eligibility" on the left toolbar.

Notification Letter Video Tutorial:

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Submitting Exam Requests:

Students are encouraged to submit exam requests ASAP each term. You can always modify or cancel a request later.

  1. Log in to AEC Connect with your DuckID and password. 

  1. Under My Accommodations on the left side of the screen, select Alternative Testing. 

  1. Under Testing Agreements, click the dropdown menu next to Select Class. 

    • If your class is not listed, your instructor hasn’t submitted a testing agreement yet. Email to let us know and we will follow up with your instructor. 

  1. Select the appropriate class and click Schedule an Exam.

  2. Review the Terms and Conditions of Exam Scheduling information in the yellow box.

  3. Scroll down and under Exam Detail, select the exam date, enter your requested exam start time, and check the boxes for the accommodations you would like to use. Click Add Exam Request. 

    • Exams should typically be scheduled at the same time as the class. However, if that’s not possible due to class conflicts or AEC hours of operation, refer to your instructor’s response to the first question of the testing agreement. If you have discussed an alternate time with your instructor that does not match the testing agreement, please provide a note that you’ve received approval from your instructor. 

  4. For exam requests that are submitted late (within 7 days of the exam for weeks 1-10 and after Friday of week 8 for finals), students must enter a late exam request reason before the request will go through. 


Exam Request Video Tutorial:

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Deadlines for Submitting Exam Requests

For exams during weeks 1-10: Students must submit requests a week in advance. We are generally able to make late exam requests work.

For exams during finals week: Students must submit requests by the Friday of week 8 to guarantee their spot. Due to the high volume of final exams, we cannot guarantee the scheduling of late final exam requests. To avoid this, submit all your exams at the beginning of each term.

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To Double Check, Modify, or Cancel an Exam Request:

Log in to AEC Connect with your DuckID and password. Under My Accommodations on the left side of the screen, select Alternative Testing. All submitted exam requests will appear under Upcoming Exam Requests(s) for the Current Term.

All submitted exam requests will have Modify Request and Cancel Request buttons on the right side.

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Once AEC Schedules Exam Requests:

Students and instructors will receive confirmation emails regarding exam arrangements once they have been scheduled. This will include the date, time, and location of the exam. Go directly to the Testing Center on the day/time of your exam.

We send confirmation emails one week before the exam date or as soon as the exam is scheduled if the exam is less than a week away. Additionally, a reminder email is sent to students the day before the exam.

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Instructions For Faculty/Instructors:

The Instructor Portal is a helpful tool designed to assist you in managing approved accommodations for students with disabilities enrolled in your classes. Using the portal, you can view each of your students’ notification letters in one place. Only students who are registered with AEC for accommodations and who have requested their notification letters will appear in the Instructor Portal. You will still receive notification letters and any other notices via email.

Using the Instructor Portal:

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