Summary of Appeal Procedures

If you have concerns about AEC support or procedures, or believe that you have not received reasonable accommodations, we encourage you to first communicate directly with your AEC Access Advisor. It is in everyone’s best interest that concerns over reasonable accommodations are resolved as quickly and as informally as possible. If the matter is still not resolved or if you disagree with a decision by your AEC Access Advisor regarding accommodations, the first line of appeal is by meeting with AEC’s Associate Director. The second line appeal is to submit a formal appeal. The Formal Complaint Form can be found at this link. You can schedule an appointment with AEC's Associate Director by calling (541) 346-1155, submitting an appointment request or emailing

If concerns are not resolved to mutual satisfaction, or if there are additional issues, students may file a complaint with UO’s Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance.

Students who believe they have been discriminated against may also file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights at the federal level.