Getting Started

General information:

The Accessible Education Center facilitates and supports access and inclusion for students with disabilities through collaboration and consultation with students, faculty, staff, and the community. The AEC works to create and sustain physical, curricular, and informational environments that are informed by and responsive to the diverse characteristics and experiences of students with disabilities and variations of ability.

AEC services are free of charge, and are available to all students regardless of immigration status or country of origin, including students who are non-citizens, are undocumented, have temporary protected status, DACA, are here on a student visa, or other immigration statutes. 

For more information and resources please visit our Dreamers page and the Immigration FAQs page. AEC staff commit to not sharing your status with anyone if you reveal it to us, but also remind you that when interacting with faculty, staff, and offices around campus you are never required to reveal your immigration status.

For more information, visit these pages:

Prospective Students

Newly Admitted Students

Current UO Students

*If you have a temporary illness or injury, please see the Temporary Illnesses and Injuries page. Because temporary injuries and illnesses are not considered to be disabilities, students in these situations are not expected to register with the AEC and would not generally qualify for accommodations.