Examples of Available Notetaking Resources

Audio Recording

  • Students approved for this accommodation are able to record audio of class to listen to later. See the Policies section below for important considerations regarding audio recording.


  • Glean is a browser-based app that can be used online or offline to record and annotate audio recordings. Glean has helpful features that allow the user to pinpoint important parts of lecture to review later, create to-do items, insert slides or photos into notes. copy/paste from a transcript of the lecture, and much more.

Livescribe™ Smartpen

A Livescribe Smartpen records audio and syncs it with written notes, using special paper. If you are approved for the use of a smartpen, AEC can provide financial assistance for the purchase of the device.

Print your own Livescribe dot paper for free!


  • AEC is trialing JamWorks winter and spring 2024. JamWorks is a tool that records audio and generates summary notes from that audio using AI. Users can add their own notes as well. JamWorks can also create quizzes to help you study. 

Peer Notetaker

  • If technology does not provide an effective solution, a peer notetaker may be appropriate. A peer notetaker is a student enrolled in the class who volunteers to share their notes via anonymous upload to our online portal. This peer is providing copies of their own notes, and AEC cannot make requests of peer notetakers to adjust their notetaking style. Peer notetaking can be less reliable than other options since it relies on another student.