Concerns and Grievances

General Information:

There are several options for students to resolve disability-related concerns, complaints, or issues. The Accessible Education Center (AEC) is committed to ensuring that the University of Oregon is accessible and inclusive to students. Further, the AEC is committed to a fair process for the resolution of complaints related to disability-related issues or the failure to reasonably accommodate disability-related academic or housing needs.

The following accommodation appeals process may be used by students with disabilities to resolve complaints about the following matters:

  • Decisions regarding eligibility for academic or housing accommodations
  • Determinations of specific reasonable academic or housing accommodations
  • Provision of accommodations and auxiliary services, communication services, and alternative media
  • Administrative decisions made by the AEC

For more information, visit these pages: 

Summary of Appeal Procedures

Detailed Appeal Procedures

Type of Accommodations Often Considered "Unreasonable"