New Testing Center Location

As of fall term 2023, the University Testing Center has moved to a newly renovated space in Knight Library Room 31. 

Previously, students with approved testing accommodations took exams in either the University Testing Center within University Health Services, or in exam rooms in the AEC office in Oregon Hall. The new University Testing Center location in Knight Library will replace both of those locations, consolidating all accommodated testing into one location on campus. All students (besides law students) will test at the new location, with the exception during finals week when exam volume is high and overflow locations are used as needed.

Where exactly is the new location?

Knight Library 31 is in the basement. The easiest way to find it is to not use the main library entrances. Rather, head to the exterior library entrance closest to Kincaid St. and E. 15th Ave. See a pinned location on the campus map here.

What is changing in the accommodated testing process?

With the new Testing Center location, options for paper exam return are changing. Starting fall term, instructors will have the following options for paper exam return:

1. Instructor (or proxy) pickup from the new University Testing Center location in Knight Library. Instructor pickup is still an option, but exams will remain in the Testing Center rather than be transferred to the AEC office in Oregon Hall. Instructors can pick up completed exams directly from the Testing Center during their operating hours of 8am to 5pm.

2. Return by Testing Center staff to the department office by 5pm the next business day. This option is replacing student return. Instead of students delivering exams to a location specified by the instructor, Testing Center staff will deliver exams to the department office the next business day. Instructors can work with department offices regarding exam delivery/pickup from the department office location.

3. Scan/email return (for non-scantron exams only). We are excited to introduce scan/email as an exam return option! When this option is selected, instructors will receive a scan of a completed exam to their uoregon email address by 5pm the next business day. This option is not suitable for scantron exams. Physical exams will be kept at the Testing Center through the end of the term as a precaution.

What is staying the same?

Everything else! The notification letter, testing agreement, and exam request process through AEC Connect will remain the same.