Our Philosophy

Who We Are

The Accessible Education Center (AEC) is part of the Undergraduate Education and Student Success Division of Academic Affairs. Our name reflects our broad scope of attention and an emphasis on systemic change to increase accessibility and inclusivity across campus.  

The University of Oregon is dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in education. Disability is recognized as an aspect of diversity integral to the university and to society. We know that our university flourishes when the contributions of students with disabilities are valued. Students with disabilities can often ask questions that nondisabled people can’t articulate, offer perspectives that deepen understanding of complex human experiences and problems, and challenge fundamental assumptions of power and belonging in every academic discipline and field. Yet disability has historically been excluded, ignored, and/or stigmatized in the traditional university environments.  

The AEC is dedicated to facilitating and supporting accessible education through access and full inclusion of students with disabilities into the university environment. This is accomplished through effective collaborations/consultations with faculty/staff, proactive advising, and the fostering of systemic campus change. The AEC works to create and sustain physical, curricular, and informational environments that are informed by and responsive to the diverse characteristics and experiences of students with disabilities. 

The AEC focuses on three broad areas:

Student Access and Engagement

  • Accommodations/Barrier Removal
  • Access Advising
  • Academic Support Outreach

Universal/Inclusive Design Initiatives

  • Built and Virtual Environments
  • Conceptualization of Disability
  • Inclusive Instructional Design

Technology Access and Usability

  • Alternate Format Production
  • Accessible Technology Orientation/Support
  • Web Accessibility

All of these areas also include:

  • Consultation with Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Campus and Community Collaboration
  • Training and Outreach