Temporary Illnesses and Injuries

Students who experience illness (e.g. flu, mononucleosis, or strep throat) or temporary injury (e.g. broken hand or leg) are encouraged to meet with their instructors and academic advisors to determine appropriate plans for course work.  

In general, the university relies on instructors to be flexible and make common-sense arrangements for students with temporary illnesses and injuries. Depending on the severity of the situation and length of recovery, AEC may not be the appropriate resource for these situations. Arrangements that can be facilitated by instructors/academic departments may include:

  • Allowing a student to type notes during class
  • Offering an oral or typed exam
  • Providing a scribe for an exam
  • Assigning rotating notetakers to share their notes with the class
  • Recording classes
  • Providing extra time to complete assignments and exams

Many of these are examples of universal design for learning and can increase the overall accessibility of courses.

Instructors can work directly with the University Testing Center if they are seeking an exam to be proctored with extra time or a computer.

In some situations, an injury or illness can become a long-term or significant disability, activating a need for accommodations. In those cases, students are encouraged to make an appointment with the AEC to determine appropriate support.

Additional Resources:

  • The Access Shuttle is an on-campus ride service provided at no cost to students, faculty, staff, and visitors with conditions that limit mobility.
  • The Accessibility Map provides information on accessible routes, accessible elevators, and accessible parking.
  • The Office of Academic Advising can support students in evaluating available options, including requesting incompletes, withdrawing from courses, changing grading options, and petitioning.
  • The Dean of Students office can support students who have extended absences due to crisis, serious injury, or illness through an emergency academic notification to instructors.