Accessibility Ally Program 

The Accessibility Ally Program is an opportunity for UO community members to increase awareness related to disability and develop skills and knowledge to act as an ally for accessibility and inclusion. Our mission is to create a network of allies committed to eliminating the attitudinal, physical, and curricular barriers experienced by students with disabilities. 

Faculty Excellence in Universal Design Award

The Accessible Education Center promotes the development of flexible curriculum and instruction to ensure equity and access for all learners through the annual Faculty Excellence in Universal Design Award. Award recipients receive $1,000. 

Disability Advocacy Committee

The DAC is a group of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to educating the campus community about disability.

Disability Services Project

The Disability Services Project exists as a joint venture between the ASUO and the University Administration. The Project serves as a source of financial and informational support to students, student groups/organizations and faculty/staff/departments who wish to actively promote increased understanding of disabilities, accessibility, inclusive learning environments, and universal design principles. The mission of the Disability Services Project is:

  1. To provide additional support and opportunities to students with disabilities to help facilitate academic success and social integration into campus life.  This is often in the form of funding support for disability-related needs that are not typically covered by other financial support. This might include things such as psychoeducational assessment, assistive technology, or adaptive equipment.
  2. To provide opportunities to the campus community for increased awareness and involvement in disability issues, including active engagement in building more inclusive learning environments and identifying and reducing environmental, curricular, and attitudinal barriers.  This includes providing programming, events, and other opportunities for student and community engagement, awareness, and education. This is often in the form of funding support to departments/organizations to put on programs related to accessibility, disability identity, etc., to help make programs/events more accessible, or to support projects/initiatives/research related to UDL, disabilities, or accessibility. 

If you are a UO department or organization and would like to request funding support, you can do so by completing this form. You will hear back from us within 1 week.

If you are a student seeking funding support, please schedule an appointment to meet with an AEC access advisor to discuss further.

If you have any questions about the Disability Services Project, please contact AEC Senior Director, Norma Kehdi via email: