Disability Advocacy Committee


The DAC is a group of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to educating the campus community about disability. Disability intersects with all other minority groups but is often overlooked in discussions of diversity. The committee will be facilitated by AEC Staff, who will engage in training with the Student Advocates, provide information about engagement opportunities, and support the planning of events. The Student Disability Advocates may or may not be students with disabilities, but must be students who are passionate about disability as a social justice issue, and increasing awareness and understanding disability at the UO. Join us in reflecting upon the barriers that students with disabilities face, the effects those barriers have on students’ educational and life experiences, and how we can help make the University of Oregon a more inclusive environment for the full spectrum of diversity present on campus.  

Outcomes of Participation: 

  1. Education: To teach through storytelling the many truths about the lives of people with disabilities and to eradicate the myths that fortify ableism.  
  2. Social Change: To help create a society free from stigma and discrimination by promoting narratives that humanize disability experiences and identities.  
  3. Outreach: To connect and reach people with disabilities on campus, including those who may not yet realize that they qualify for disability-related support.  
  4. Leadership: To foster leadership skills in UO students with interests in disabilities to become empowered public speakers and advocates. 
  5. Personal Growth: To understand our own personal journeys related to ability, ableism, and privilege, through self-reflection and narrative building while using this personal growth as an advocacy tool. 

Student Disability Advocate Job Description:

Membership & Responsibilities: 

  • 6-8 undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of disability-related experiences, identities, and majors. 
  • Students will serve on the committee for one academic year 
  • The committee is expected to meet for one hour per month, in addition to participation and planning of events. 

Essential Requirements:  

  • Participate in at least one event per term.  
  • Participate fully in an initial training.  
  • Revisit training materials, attend at least one training per year to practice skills.  
  • Maintain patience and understanding with the audience.  
  • Be curious and continue educating yourself about the diversity in the disabled community  
  • Keep in contact with AEC coordinators for campus opportunities.   

Preferred Qualifications:  

  • Personal experience with disability (i.e.: direct lived experience, research, or other engagement with disability community)  
  • Interest in working with the AEC team and a team of peers  
  • Comfort with advocacy work and public speaking  
  • Organization and time management 
  • Strong communication skills or willingness to strengthen skills 

Schedule/Hours: About 10 hours/term commitment   

Compensation: $500 per year 

How to Apply:  

If interested, please apply to this position by December 10, 2023 through this form for the Winter 2024 term. Must be a current University of Oregon student to apply. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis for the upcoming terms.   

The AEC will be in contact with you via email about next steps. Please be sure to check your email. If you have questions, please email jjorgen7@uoregon.edu or lminnich@uoregon.edu.