Group Opportunities

Group Opportunities

In addition to working individually with students, the AEC offers psycho-educational groups during the academic year which provide students with support, opportunities to connect with and learn from one another, as well as additional tools and resources.

ADHD Strategies and Support Group


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Group Facilitators: Angie Allmendinger and Lindsey Nichols

Group Description: The ADHD Strategies and Support Group is a space for students with ADHD to let down their walls and talk about what it’s really like to have ADHD. The group introduces a strengths-based understanding of ADHD, while still acknowledging and addressing the very real (and quite frustrating) ADHD-related challenges that get in the way of students reaching their potential. Students in the group have an opportunity to develop and practice creative strategies and practical skills in areas of time-management, motivation/getting started, follow-through, self-care, and self-advocacy. The group can also help students create a stronger sense of community around ADHD as an important aspect of identity and everyday experience – it’s truly powerful to be around other people who “get it!”

Day/Time/Location for Winter Term 2023 (weeks 1-10): 
Fridays 1:30-3pm in Peterson 105

  • 1:30-2pm: Work on a specific skill or strategy (e.g., updating planner, organizing folders)
  • 2-3pm: Sharing and normalizing experiences related to ADHD, discussing and processing challenges and strengths associated with ADHD, and sharing resources.
  • Students are welcome to join both portions, but they have the option of attending just the skill building portion or the process/discussion portion if they'd like.

Interested? Please contact Lindsey at

Social Connectedness Group


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Group Facilitators: Angie Allmendinger and Lindsey Nichols

Group Description: The Social Connectedness Group is a peer-directed social group designed for people on the autism spectrum and with related diagnoses or identities to socialize in a safe and welcoming setting. Although there are group facilitators who will help structure meetings at times, the group is largely student led! Topics are determined according to student interests and experiences. While the group was not originally designed to be a support group, group members often give and receive support. We engage in discussions about an array of topics such as self-advocacy with professors, making friends, dating, or disclosing disability identities, but mostly people enjoy talking about their current experiences.

Day/Time/Location for Winter Term 2023 (weeks 1-10): 
Fridays 3:30-4:30pm in Peterson 105

    Interested? Please contact Angie at 

    Duck Nest x AEC Study Space for Neurodivergent Students


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    Do you get easily distracted while studying? Is it helpful for you to have a quiet environment to study in, but not as quiet as the library? Do you want to explore the benefit of fidget tools while studying? This study space might be especially helpful for you if you would like support with focus, accountability, and motivation.

    Day/Time/Location for Winter Term 2023 (weeks 2-10):
    Thursdays 3-6pm in EMU 219 (Willow Room)

    The Duck Nest and AEC will provide the space, facilitators, and some materials to help you start or complete your academic tasks.