As the AEC receives new scholarship information specific to students with disabilities, announcements are posted on our website.

The AEC coordinates the application process for the following scholarships:

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Scholarship

The University of Oregon was recently selected by the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation to be a part of their Scholarship Program.  This Foundation Scholarship is available to eligible students with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)* who attend or plan to attend the University of Oregon as an undergraduate or graduate student.

This scholarship provides funding for full in-state and partial out-of-state tuition and fees to qualified students for the duration of their degree program. In addition to tuition, supplemental support funds may include (but are not limited to) transportation, child care, housing, personal care assistance, adaptive equipment, books and/or assistive technology. The total amount awarded varies by student.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

  • Currently enrolled at the University of Oregon full-time pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, doctoral or law degree OR admitted for Fall 2022. In some cases students registered less than full-time may be eligible, but approval from AEC is required.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 and above for Undergraduate and Law; Min. 3.0 GPA for Graduate students.
  • To be eligible to apply, students must have a spinal cord injury and be registered with AEC as a student with a disability (documentation on file). Incoming students or university applicants not already registered with AEC should schedule an appointment prior to the scholarship application deadline to begin the process to determine eligibility. To schedule an initial appointment, contact AEC at or (541) 346-1155.

*Only students with neurological and functional impairment due to traumatic SCI, degenerative disease primary to the spinal cord, (i.e. transverse myelitis) or damage to the spinal cord due to tumors and surgery are eligible for support through this program. Individuals with spinal dysfunction, paralysis or pain syndromes caused by other traumatic or primary orthopedic, genetic or developmental disorders are not eligible (e.g., multiple sclerosis, ALS, Chiari malformation or peripheral nerve injury).

Apply Now at the following website: Application deadline is March 3, 2023

Hesser Memorial Scholarship

Those who knew Myrtle Hesser, a food service worker and supervisor in the UO dorms from 1957 to 1972, discovered a warm and friendly person with a wry sense of humor and a soft spot for the students she fed. While Hesser had little formal education herself, she was smart and well read and chose to leave her entire estate to the University of Oregon for student scholarships.


  • Eligible students must have a physical disability, such that it significantly impacts the student’s ability to work and attend school, or that the student incurs significant expenses that are related to the disability.
  • Students must be admitted to or enrolled full time in an undergraduate or graduate program at the University of Oregon. If the student cannot attend full time due to the disability, the scholarship may be prorated for the term or year.
  • Preference will be given to freshmen and sophomores with a minimum 3.2 high school GPA or 3.0 college GPA.
  • Selection will be based on financial need, academic ability, and impact of disability. The scholarship award will be approximately $8,000 and is renewable for up to 5 years based on continued eligibility.

Applications are now closed. 

Marjorie Dale Pincetich Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of Majorie D. Pincetich, known as Jerry to family and friends, who devoted many years of volunteer work on behalf of people with visual disabilities. A native of Portland, Oregon, she attended the University of Oregon from 1936 to 1939 and was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Throughout her lifetime she was active with Braille groups throughout the United States and Nigeria, Micronesia, and Malaysia. Her spirit of devotion to those with visual disabilities infuses this family scholarship for students at the University of Oregon.


Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at the University of Oregon at least half time and be legally blind. Selection of the recipient will be based on financial need, academic ability, and when possible, community or campus involvement. Applications submitted by prior recipients for the Pincetich scholarship will be considered and are often renewed. The scholarship award ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per year.

Applications are now closed.