Notetaking Supports

What is a notetaking accommodation?

The AEC offers notetaking support for students with qualifying disabilities. The AEC offers technology-based notetaking support (i.e. audio recording, Livescribe pens, Glean, JamWorks) as well as other supports such as course slides and peer notetaking for students with disabilities. The technology-based notetaking accommodation is one method of providing access to students whose disabilities impact their notetaking ability in class.

Is a notetaking accommodation right for me?

An approval for a notetaking accommodation is meant to mitigate limitations that directly impact a student’s notetaking ability in class by providing students equal access to course content during a lecture.

Here is some information to keep in mind when contemplating Notetaking support:

Notetaking support DOES:

  • Provide you an accessible way to take course notes
  • Provide you an accessible way by which to supplement your own set of course notes
  • Provide you with tools to better organize your course notes for your own personal use
  • Require your attendance in order to capture course information during a lecture
  • Encourage independence in notetaking skills

Notetaking support DOES NOT:

  • Act as a substitute for attendance
  • Remove a students’ responsibility to engage in their own notetaking or meaning-making of notes

How is this accommodation determined?

All students are required to meet with an AEC Access Advisor to engage in the interactive process in order to determine which option is the most reasonable. In order for this to be determined, the AEC Access Advisor will inquire about the student’s note-taking experiences and strategies related to the college classroom environment and assess the supporting documentation of disability provided to the AEC.

If I’m approved for notetaking support, how do I get it?

The AEC offers technology-based notetaking support (i.e. audio recording, Livescribe Smartpens, Glean, JamWorks) as well as slides and peer notetaking. Your Access Advisor will provide instructions for how to acquire/request the option that is approved.