AEC Remote Learning Workshops

The Accessible Education Center is offering Remote Learning Workshops!

Our previously recorded workshops focus on strategies to support students adapt to the new remote learning environment.

Navigating our New Normal: Creative Strategies for Maximizing Remote Learning and Working from Home during the Coronavirus

This workshop features a wide range of creative strategies for navigating our “new normal” in the face of coronavirus (time-management, motivation, getting started, building healthy routines/creating structure, balancing screen time, and setting up the in-home work environment for success)!

Presented by Kelsey Kuperman, AEC GE Counselor.

Self-Compassion in Times of Uncertainty

Explore the benefits of being a supportive friend to yourself especially in challenging, uncertain, and unpredictable times. We will learn about the three core elements of self-compassion and we will practice with the support of an exercise and a guided meditation.
Presented by Darien Combs, AEC GE Counselor.

The Art Of Fishing: How To Get To The Answers You Need

Please join us as we explore tips, tricks and the power of asking effective questions in order to acquire the resources you need. This hour long workshop will demonstrate how to identify what information or resources you need, how to pose your questions to increase the amount of helpful answers you get, and how to put those answers to work in a way which is most beneficial for you. This interactive workshop will help you to think of questions differently, and give you tools in order to become your own best advocate. So get ready as we give you the tools to help you navigate the ocean of information and resources like a seasoned angler.

Presented by:

  • Lauri Evans, AEC Access Advisor
  • Tyan Taubner, Advising Case Manager at the Office of Academic Advising
  • Laura Schulte, Case Manager/Sr Staff Therapist at the University Counseling Center.

The Art of Fishing Workshop Transcript