Make an Appointment with AEC

In order for a student to establish accommodations, the first step is to meet with an AEC advisor.

At your initial appointment, the AEC advisor will ask you about your educational and medical history, current concerns, and anticipated areas of needed support. In addition to discussing your concerns, your AEC advisor will review any documentation of disability, test scores, and/or medical records that address barriers that may arise in a university setting. If you don't have current documentation, we still encourage you to meet with an AEC advisor to discuss your concerns and possible next steps. Once AEC has received sufficient information, you and your advisor will participate in an interactive dialogue regarding reasonable accommodations.  It is your responsibility to follow up with AEC staff as questions or concerns arise about services, procedures, timelines, or responsibilities.

Use the form below to request an appointment, or contact our front desk via email to or by calling (541) 346-1155.