Student Voices Panel

Student Voices Panel Mission

Mission: The Student Voices Panel is a group of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to educating the campus community about disability. Just like a prism is highly varied and faceted, so are the experiences of UO students. Disability intersects with all other minority groups but is often overlooked when discussing diversity in society. This panel shines upon the stories of students experiencing disability and its impact on their trek through student life at University of Oregon. Join us in reflecting upon the barriers that students with disabilities face, the effects those barriers have on students’ educational and life experiences, and how we can help make the University of Oregon a more inclusive environment for the full spectrum of diversity present on campus.

Student Voices Panel Values

Education: to teach through storytelling the many truths about the lives of people with disabilities and to eradicate the myths that fortify ableism.

Social Change: to help create a society free from stigma and discrimination by promoting narratives that humanize disability experiences and identities.

Outreach: to reach out to people with disabilities on campus, including those who may not yet realize that they qualify for disability-related support.

Leadership: to train and empower public speakers in ways that integrate practices to improve their self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills.

Personal Growth: to practice self-care in each volunteer’s personal journey through self-reflection and narrative building while talking about issues in the disability community.

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