Fall 2017 - AEC Welcomes Students!

The Accessible Education Center (AEC) welcomes all new and returning students!

If you have not had a chance to meet with an advisor, or finalize your accommodations, please visit our website, call (541-346-1155), email (uoaec@uoregon.edu), or drop by to make an appointment.

AEC Connect

After you have established accommodations with an AEC advisor you will use our online portal, AEC Connect, to request accommodations for each class and send a notification letter to each instructor. Click here for tutorials about using AEC Connect.

You are also welcome to schedule an AEC Connect Orientation appointment by contacting our front desk.

Testing Accommodations

In order for AEC to proctor your exams, you and your instructor are responsible for completing the following steps:

Student requests accommodations and sends notification letters to their instructors through AEC Connect.

  1. Instructor fills out the Testing Agreement (by following a link in the notification letter), which specifies the parameters by which AEC will proctor the student’s exams.
  2. Student schedules exams through AEC Connect.

For exams during weeks 1-10, students must schedule exams 7 days in advance. For exams during finals week, all exams must be scheduled by the Friday of week 8. As soon as you have requested accommodations through AEC Connect and your instructors have completed your Testing Agreements, we encourage you to schedule all your exams for the term.

Refer to our tutorial for information about scheduling exams through AEC Connect. If you have any questions, please contact AEC Testing at aectesting@uoregon.edu or (541) 346-1074.

Groups and Workshops

In addition to working individually with students, the AEC offers several group opportunities starting week two of each term:

Mind-Wellness Meditation Group

ADHD Learning Strategies Group

Social Connectedness Group

AccessABILITY Student Union (AASU)

The AASU is a group made up of students with disabilities and allies who value the diversity within all of us.  For more information contact us at aability@uoregon.edu and join us on Orgsync (http://uoregon.orgsync.com) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/UOAASU).