Request Accommodations

Don't wait to request accommodations for your classes.  Start now!

After you have established accommodations with an AEC advisor, you will use our online portal, AEC Connect, to request accommodations for each class and send a notification letter to each instructor. If you are eligible for testing accommodations and would like AEC to proctor your exams you will use AEC Connect to schedule your exams.

Deadlines for Scheduling Exams through AEC

For exams during weeks 1-10, students must schedule exams 7 days in advance. For exams during finals week, all exams must be scheduled by the Friday of week 8. As soon as you have requested accommodations through AEC Connect and your instructors have completed your Testing Agreements, we encourage you to schedule all your exams for the term. Refer to Testing Accommodations for additional infortmaion about scheduling exams through AEC. 

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